Why does Novo Panić sleep peaceful at night?


The football betting schemes are still a controversial theme in Europe. Another name has been added to the corruption list of BH football who’s football federation is headed by incapable individuals and criminals.  

The Bosnian referee Novi Paniæ has been regarded as one of the best referees in the Bosnian Premier League; however UEFA has accused him of fixing the match between Georgia and Switzerland. This was a qualifying match of the U21 squads which Georgia left as a winner. After detailed investigation UEFA has banned Novi Paniæ for life from being a football referee. The investigators have found that Paniæ cashed out 50,000 Euros for fixing the win of Georgia. This ban is valid for all international and national matches and competitions.

The Bosnian Football Federation has not even started an investigation on Paniæ’s case, not to mention any legal measures even though it has been months since UEFA has banned Paniæ. This is no surprise to us since the same people in the federation are part of the ongoing schemes and criminal activities which has brought  BH football where it is today, the bottom. We are certain that Novi Paniæ is well aware of the match fixing activities in the Bosnian Premier League and the illegal activities the football federation is part of and therefore has not been investigated.

Until we have crocked referees like Paniæ and a football federation which is run by criminals, the Bosnian clubs will continue to play in Europe on the same wavelength with teams from Yerevan, Baku, and Saint Julie. Sulejman Colakovic, president of the football federation was recently quoted saying that it was “new” to him to hear possible allegations of match fixing in the overly corrupt national Premier League BIH. With such bottom line idiotic statements he reminds many of a foolish Bosnian comedy character named Izet Fazlinovic who is famous for lying, drinking and denying the truth. One most recent match which is under serious believe to be a fix was between Sarajevo and Sloboda, however Sulejman Colakovic seems to not see anything wrong there either.

Even at this stage in which the Bosnian football and it’s pathetic federation seem to have hit bottom, a new stunning information was leaked of the Sarajevo Kanton nominee of another lying criminal no other than the “Boss” dirty cop Jusuf Pušina. This nomination would be completely acceptable if he was a legendary football player or a known hardworking sport director, but this is not the case. Pušina is in the past and that is where he belongs, and new talented people should be called upon to move this countries outermost popular sport to the future. It is obvious that there is no room for talented hard working non corrupt people in the federation and in the regional cantons. Evidence shows that the criminals who run this corrupt federation have spread their ties into every sector of the Bosnian football.

The conclusion is that Novo Paniæ and the Bosnian football federation are one and the same. Their only objective is to make money through illegal ways. These people have no dignity nor moral, if they had any they would have left their posts a long time ago and let people who know how to do it right do the job. They continue introducing new job positions just to stay in the corrupt circles to make more money this includes the general director who is a convicted thief and criminal. Unfortunately the future does not seem to be too bright since the corruption is down to the canton based elections. Therefore Bosnia’s football clubs will continue to play in the same pool alongside Yerevan, Baku and other low level football leagues across Europe. Also the fans of the Bosnian clubs do not have to worry about buying tickets to matches in England, Germany or Italy since they will not compete on this level, because "we do not have the capacity!"

BHF Press