Bosnian Soccer Federation: New Coach – same old crap!


The legendary new coach “Pape” has barely started his new position to already see how the Bosnian Soccer Federation has continued with their way to make money, by using our national soccer team. Everyone is aware of the deal making game arrangements with the Asian soccer “power houses”, which the Bosnian Soccer Federation is pursuing. This time around talks are being made to play against the “renovated” Saudi Arabian national soccer team on March 3rd of this year. It is worth mentioning, Pape’s announcement that key players who play in the top European leagues will not participate in this exhibition. However, we must be honest and understand that most of the national team consists of those players. Pape will have to combine a secondary team for this forced exhibition and therefore, there is no reason for this match to be played, which will serve as the debut game for our new coach.

However, there is one “small” reason why the match should be played. The reason are the 200.000 KM (100.000 Euro) which the Saudis are willing to pay to the Bosnian Soccer Federation and most likely in cash!
Taking into consideration the high reputation in Europe and around the world of Pape and our national team and also the period in which teams are getting ready for the World Cup, we are certain that a top team from Europe would be glad to play against our national team in the March timeslot. This would be of great benefit to our players and the coach to get to know each other better. Now they will have to wait until June to complete this uttermost important part of a successful team. But is anybody from the Bosnian Soccer Federation interested in team work and professional team preparation? NOBODY! The money is most important! Bosnia and Herzegovina’s reputation is the least important.
We hope that Sušiæ, just like Kodro will not obey to these kinds of games!

BHF Press