Friendly Matches.


The text below is not directed to the Ciro supporters…

After overtaking the head coach position of the Bosnian National Soccer Team, Safet Susic started with a win over Ghana in a friendly match. This of course caused the public to be happy about the new coach and it shut off all those who regarded the release of Ciro Blazevic as a mistake.

The last weeks our national soccer team played another two friendly matches with Sweden and Germany. Sweden beat us 4:2 and Germany 3:1. After these matches the entire nation was devastated since everybody expected more favorable results.

After the two losses the Ciro supporters surfaced yet again. Therefore we are already witnessing various stories and comments in which the blitz fall of Safet Susic is ahead of us, due to not having enough experience and a poor track record as a coach. Many of the comments go even so far that some ensure that Ciro would have been the winner of both matches.

Our stand regarding Ciro as a person and coach is known from before and therefore we will not state it again. Much of this was said before, during and after his “coaching” regime of BIH.

What we want to show those who still grieve Ciro are facts.

The Facts are that the same Ciro lost the first two friendly matches after overtaking the national team.

Do you remember those matches?

The first was against NK Rijeka (February 11, 2009) we lost 3:2. The second friendly match was against Iran (August 12, 2009) we lost with the same result of 3:2.

Loosing to these teams was an embarrassment, and is not the signature of a serious coach. We know that the Ciro supporters know little about soccer; however they should know that Sweden and Germany are just a “tiny bit” better compared to NK Rijeka and Iran.

With the arrival of Safet Susic our national team has for the first time played multiple friendly matches with respected and good national teams. It is those kind of matches we must stand and unite for the new qualification rounds and have Bosnia and Herzegovina qualify for the Euro Cup.

The arrangement at the N/F S BIH makes it harder for Safet Susic and his team to capture this historic event, however we are more than certain that the time will come when we overturn them!


BHF Press